Getting The Most Out Of Your Brothel Visit

And it’s back to the introduction lounge because the key to getting a mind blowing service is to choose the right lady for you. It sounds simple right? Apparently not! You see…men are visually inspired and so looks tend to get in the way, which is fine if you are at a strip club and just watching but when you are booking a service, there is a bit more to it. So when they come into the lounge to meet you, talk to each lady about what does it for you. If you prefer certain positions, enjoy dirty talk, like certain parts of your body stimulated or if you like role play- let her know and If her eyes light up and she gives you an excited smile- she’s your girl. If she enjoys what she’s doing, she’s going to make sure you enjoy it too.
Just remember that everybody is different and turned on in different ways and your lady of choice has to try to assess (in a limited time) what is going to get you um…over the line, so a bit of preparation is going to make it easier for both of you. The very last thing you want to be doing with your valuable time in the room is trying to negotiate services with your lady and then finding out that she doesn’t offer that particular service.

HOT TIP: When you get to the room…just remember that above all else she is a woman and compliments go a long long way. If you like what she’s doing- tell her. If you think she’s hot- tell her. A woman who is feeling sexy and good about herself, is going to make sure she makes you feel fantastic.

Now here’s a bit of trivia to finish up. I surveyed some of our ladies and an overwhelming 99.5% of those surveyed share the same favourite position. Can you guess what it is?


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